Alesmith x XTERRA SURF

Come join us!

Food, Beer, Live Music, Giveaways and a Video Premiere

9990 Alesmith Ct.
San Diego, CA 92126
Saturday September 30th, 3-8pm

Music provided by DJ Brinx and Modern History
Video features XTERRA SURF team @7pm
"Slipping into Darkness"
Extended trailer: "Laird Hamilton Take Every Wave"


Use code FEST at checkout

Zippers 2/2 Chest Zip Spring Suit

$93 (Reg. $185)

Dorado 2/2 Suit

$143 (Reg. $285)

Changing Poncho

$30 (Reg. $59)

Wetsuit Changing Mat

$13 (Reg. $26)


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