Metzly Olmos

1.Who were your childhood heroes? 
Bethany Hamilton


2. If you could live in any other time, when might that be?


3. What one word would you use to describe yourself?


4. What one word would your friends use to describe you?


5.Who taught you to swim? 
I went to swimming lessons


6.What music are you embarrassed that you like listening to? 


How would you like to be remembered?
By my effort and achievements


8.Name one funny trait you have, that you would like others to know?
I like lip synching all songs, especially rap songs


9.Tell us something you hate doing. Why? 
Washing the dishes, I don’t like touching the food.


10. Share a funny incident in your life.
I almost lost my bikini on a wipeout in Puerto Escondido.

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