SOLID / XTERRA 6'2" Trigger Fish BioFlex Board (SOLD OUT)

XTERRA SURF presents "A Day in the Bay" highlighting surfboard shapers around San Diego. Check out how these collaboration boards are built, featuring SOLID Surf Co. out of Ocean Beach. 

Shaper's Comments: Volume forward fish, single through vee with slight double between the fins.  Rad little board, go small, great paddler, lower rocker.  Surf with some old school MR fins or a bigger thruster set.  Super fast and drivey but the compact volume of this board makes it easy to throw around in mediocre surf.

Rails: Mid

Bottom: Slight single thru double to vee out the tail

Rocker: Low entry rocker, low exit rocker


  • 6'2" x 20.50" x 2.63" (36.8L)
  • Bio Flex Epoxy Board
  • 40% Plant Based Resin
  • Basalt Stringer 
  • FCS2 Fin Box


 For more information or for your own custom board build visit SOLID Surf Co.


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