Indo Dreaming

by Ali Nasir September 22, 2016

For three weeks in July, I had the opportunity to experience the culture, waves, people and beautiful Islands of Indonesia. I traveled with a group called Surfing the Nations. They are a humanitarian organization that uses the gift of surfing to give back to communities in need. Along with surfing the iconic waves of Indo, we were equipped with tons of clothes, sunglasses and shoes that we used as a tool to love on the villages and Islands of this amazing place.


3 different layovers and 24 hours of traveling later, we had made it to Indonesia!

Our transportation from each village and Island was sketchy. No dings brah!

The waves in Indonesia change quickly. This particular time it was basically flat the whole day. Suddenly, an hour before dark this perfect set came out of no where. Which forced us to leave our hammocks on the sand and make the 15 minute walk across sharp coral and sea urchins.


The people and culture of Indonesia will change your life. Some of the Islands wore the same clothes day in and day out, had no cell phones or service, no running water or the many material things that American’s take for granted. Despite this they had smiles to spare, carried joy and were some of the sweetest people that I have ever met!

A week into our trip, this boat came to pick us up off of Lombok Island. It became our home and mode of transportation for the next 6 days.

Jumping over-board was one the highlights of living on the boat!


Empty beaches, coves and jungle asking to be explored! The first few days of our boat trip had little to no surf. We ended up doing a lot of snorkeling, spearfishing and outreach work on a few different Islands!


Catch of the day 

Lombok beach cleanup!


Fresh coconuts on the beach, no cell service and a beautiful view. The simplicity of island life…We heard around town that some swell was on the way for the following day. Our captain decided to motor all night to this spot called Desert Point…


And we woke up to this….Desert Point, Indonesia in all its glory.


Caught up in the moment…Photos by Tom Bauer


After 5 hours of this, I caught a wave to far over the reef and got rolled around on the razor sharp coral. When I surfaced, I had lost a part of my toe and my feet were torn to shreds from the reef. It was a struggle to get in and that was the last time I was able to surf all trip, but oh it was so well worth it!


Leaving this amazing place was bittersweet. I was missing home, friends and my own bed. But the relationships, closeness and love that I had for the people, scenery an simplicity of life was not soon forgotten. I will make it back someday Indonesia! Love you long time…



By Andrew Cosley

Ali Nasir
Ali Nasir


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